Civility Concepts
Civility Concepts

be clear, HAVE power, engagE

make your voice heard


Do people listen to you and value your ideas?

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your communications. Sadly, while we learn to speak we don’t learn how to focus our words to generate the best possible results. As a result we too often leave a trail of hard feelings, misunderstandings and conflict.

Changing something as ingrained as how we speak can be intimidating. Working together, we can create a plan that makes it easier for you to focus on the essentials needed to communicate so as to present your best self. 

Coaching provides personal attention and support as you embrace your goals. Sherry coaches for both everyday communications and presentations.

She also speaks on related topics, either as motivational speeches or training.

Sherry offers

Presentation Coaching

Does the idea of presenting or public speaking terrify you? When your boss asks you to present, do you know how to prepare for success?

Sherry can show you how to present to groups comfortably and naturally. You will learn a proven system for planning your speech, making your points clearly and powerfully, and at the same time engaging your audience. Your presentations will open new doors for you.

Communications Coaching

Do you think people listen to you and take your input seriously? Do you connect with others constructively?

If you struggle knowing how best to present your thoughts and ideas, Sherry can show you how to add clarity and value to them. If you want to de-stress your communications, she can show you how to use your words to connect to others. If you want your communications to prepare you for your next position, she can help. Her methods apply at both work and home.

Motivational Speaking

Do you want to make your environment more constructive?

There is an over-abundance of negativity in today’s world. As people become more polarized, good communicators are poised to stand out and make a difference. It pays to revisit the concepts that make interpersonal communications work well.. Sherry addresses conflict resolution, sexual harassment, trust, forgiveness and other communication issues.

These programs can also be presented in a training format.